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Deb Harley: Music / Lyrics

Cool Water

Let's make it easy

Let's not make it hard

It’s all an illusion

That we can disregard 

I feel the momentum

Spinning out of control

And I’m standing by watching

With an aching in my soul


Let’s write on the same page

Just feed me some lines

We’ll start a new story

Spin on a dime

With no loaded questions

Invisible wires

The barrels are empty

We’ll put out the fire


With water

Cool water

With water

Cool water


We’ll swim in the shallows

Waves coming in fast

A natural harbor

Shimmering glass

Our past will expire

Drift out to sea

The surf will anoint us

Washing us clean


With water

Cool water

With water

Cool water

deb harley           vocals and acoustic guitar

dik shopteau        bass

scooter nelson      drums and percussion

brian c. peters      electric guitar and pedal steel