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Deb Harley: Music / Lyrics

American West

American West  

Cuttin’ cross the plains of Nebraska  

Where the corn rows grow in perfect rows

And there’s nothing but you and the wind and the road

And a million memories flood your soul……

Drivin’ Colorado where the White River runs

There’s a sleepy train on an age old track

And a biting wind as I watch them pass

And I wonder where they’re going

And if they’re coming back……….

And the road goes down and down forever

Til’ you swear you’ll end up in the middle of the sea

Then the red rock canyon like God’s great sandbox

Takes the breath right out of me.

And the morning sun, that lights my way

Wakes me grateful for another day

And a chance to witness this magnificent display,

Of the American West…..the American West

And you stop and get some gas in some old God forsaken town

And there’s almost no one or nothing for miles and miles around

And the old man on the corner is making some kind of crazy desert sound

Like a coyotes song from far away.

You get back on the highway cause by now it’s home to you

The borders come and go, and you just smile, and pass on through

Cause you know that you’ve been gathering a memory or two

As the sun sets in a way you’ve never seen before. 

And you’re struck by how they’ve tamed this dry and dusty land

From the L.A. basin to the white Pacific sand

Your 51 and a girl of 16, 

As that wild ocean blue pounds the hell right out of you.

And the salty air, and the seagulls cryin’,

Make me glad for every minute I’m alive,

And to have another day to witness, this magnificent display,

Of the American West, the American West

               deb harley                  vocals, acoustic guitar

               dik shopteau              bass

scooter nelson           drums, congas

brian c. peters           pedal steel, electric guitar