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Deb Harley: Music / Lyrics

Life Is Great and Life Is Hard

Life is Great and Life is Hard 

Life is great and life is hard

I read that someplace on a store bought card

Experience tells me that it’s true

But I knew that just livin’ here with you

Life is hard, life goes round

Life is up, life is down

It makes me smile, it makes me cry

It turns my head in circles, has me wonderin’ why

Life is fine, life is good

Why else would we bother if we knew we could

Fly, fly away, put away the hard times for some other day

I’m elated, I’m frustrated, 

Perpetually changing like a summer sky

It’s a new day, it’s a sun ray, there’s a storm out

That’s got me twisted up inside

And when I have to re-arrange my head so it won’t hurt

I think of all the times and ones I’ve loved

I crawl inside my heart and look in every corner

I have fewer reasons to fall apart

Life is fine, Life is good 

Why else would we bother if we knew we could

Fly, fly away

Life is good today, oh yeah,

Life is good today, oh boy,

Life is good, it’s good today

Life is good, today

                      deb harley                  vocals, acoustic guitar

                      tommy lieberman        archtop guitar

                      dik shopteau              bass

                      scooter nelson           drums

                      mark henderson         clarinet