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Deb Harley: CD Credits

Liner Notes and Credits


Deb Harley               Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Dik Shopteau            Bass   

Scooter Nelson         Drums                                

Brian C. Peters         Electric Guitars and Pedal Steel 

Arkadiy Yushin         Guitars on "Home" and guitar intro on "Cowgirl"

Dan Chouinard         Accordion on "Mauverneen"

Steve Harley            Acoustic Guitar on "Mauverneen"

Pat Frederick            Violin on "New Morning" and "I'm Right and You're Wrong"

Tommy Lieberman   Archtop Guitar on "Life is Great and Life is Hard" and

                                                               "I'm Right and You're Wrong "  

Joe Savage               Dobro on "New Morning" and "Cowgirl"  

                                 Harmonica on "John Blvd."

Mark Henderson       String and Instrumental Programming on "Ordinary Night"

                                Clarinet on "Life is Great and Life is Hard"

Claire Harley             Back-up Vocals on "Cowgirl"

Laura Harley             Back-up Vocals on "Cowgirl"



Produced by Deb Harley and Steve Harley, jackie boy productions

Basic tracks recorded and edited by Dik Shopteau

Vocals, acoustic guitars, and additional instruments recorded by Steve Harley

String and instrumental programming on “Ordinary Night” by Mark Henderson 

Mixed by Steve Harley at Audio Ruckus, Minneapolis 

Mastered by Greg Rierson at Rare Form Mastering 

Photos by Ann Marsden   

Art Design by Shannon Hone


It’s fair to say that I’m a woman who has never fancied things that slam shut.

In my ideal world, Dreams and Love and Imagination and Music live beyond boxes and limits, borders and confines. This CD is a collection of songs I’ve written reflecting

several styles of music I enjoy, and affirms my love of all things “flung wide open.”

deb harley


Thanks… first to Dik Shopteau who helped lay the foundation for this record. To Brian C. Peters, guitar and pedal steel guru and “Scooter” Nelson on drums. Big thanks to Joe Savage, Dan Chouinard, Arkadiy Yushin, Tommy Lieberman, Pat Frederick and Mark Henderson…all of you brought your own personal somethin’ to the sessions.

To my daughters Claire and Laura for slipping into the studio at Christmas to record back-up vocals; love you! I’m always grateful for the support of my parents and family, all of my friends, and the divine Fab 4!  I’m dedicating this album to my husband Steve, who has been so supportive, kicked my butt to get this project going, handled the occasional melt down and pushed me to give him “one more time through!”


Steve would like to thank Doug Dixon, Geoff Walsh, Karen Quale and Jim Schnobrich.